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Why Product Packaging Is Important

Why Product Packaging Is Important

Ever wondered about the importance of product packaging? Below, we highlight 4 reasons why product packaging and design is more important than you think!


  1. Protection of Goods


Image by themonnie via Flickr


While this might seem like a no-brainer, product packaging does in fact play an important role in protecting your product. Take for example, a packet of chips. The packaging has to be sturdy enough to protect the chips from crushing. Well-designed packaging should also be able to withstand temperature and pressure changes, particularly for food products.


2. Security, Hygiene and Handling



Image by Marcos André via Wikimedia Commons


Packaging with tamper-resistant features ensure that products are properly handled and not subjected to misuse. This helps to prevent product pilferage, and acts like a seal of approval – counterfeit products are less likely to possess authentication features.


3. Convenience



Image via Yanko Design


Packaging should be easy to use and designed with the consumer in mind. Re-sealable packaging enables product re-use, making it more convenient for consumers. Packaging may also be designed to aid handling; for example, by integrating a spoon within a cup of yoghurt.


4. Marketing



Image by Robert Couse-Baker via Flickr


As mentioned in our previous blog posts, packaging is key for marketing purposes. Besides being appealing, packaging should be able to capture the product and brand ethos in its design; the overall product should be one that is highly recognisable (think Coca-Cola cans) and resonates with consumers.