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5 Packaging Design Tips

5 Packaging Design Tips

Ever find yourself gravitating towards a product because its packaging entices you? This is why packaging design exists — to attract you to buy the product. When it comes to a well-designed packaging, it should be able to make both a physical and psychological connection. Draw inspiration from the tips below on what makes an effective yet eye-catching packaging design that has a unique edge to stand out on the shelves.



Image by heima boutique via Flickr


1. Creativity



Image via Yanko Design


A creative packaging design usually makes a positive first impression on shoppers, because a product will never be seen alone and in great detail by them. Therefore, the shelf impact of your product will definitely improve if your packaging is unique, bold and different from others. You can try to seek ideas from your product itself, for example, the shape, colour, size and etc. Remember, the more distinctive your packaging looks, the better your product sells.


2. Simplicity



In addition to being highly distinctive, your packaging design should also be simple enough for shoppers, in the sense that they know what product they are looking at and the brand behind it. Your packaging should only perform what is necessary, as trying to oversell a product through its packaging may backfire and thereafter cause a negative effect.


3. Clarity


Image via Amore


The labels on your packaging design should not only be legible and readable for shoppers, but also be informative enough. They would for sure want to know more about the product and find out if it is suitable for them, hence do ensure that the information is there on the packaging and the text colour should blend with the overall design.


4. Practicality


Image via Yanko Design


While it is understandable that you may wish to utilise your creativity as much as possible, it is still advisable to not let your imagination run too wild. Make sure that you consider the feasibility of your packaging design so that they are easily transportable, convenient and easy to use. Apractical packaging typically attracts more shoppers as compared to big and bulky packaging.
5. Quality


Image via Amore

A good quality packaging certainly goes a long way hence you should not skimp on its quality. Shoppers have the tendency to judge a product based on its packaging, therefore it does not matter whether your product is of high-quality, your product may be wrongly assumed if it is without a good quality packaging. Thus to avoid such misinterpretation, you should try using the best quality materials available while still staying under budget.